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Monday, April 23, 2007

Testable Anemias That Do Not Always Make It To The Books

Here are some anemias that aren't always thought of in the same breath as many other anemias.

  • Vitamin C deficiency - since vitamin C enhances non-heme iron absorption in the gut, a vitamin C deficiency can cause a iron deficiency (microcytic and hypochromic) anemia.
  • Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) deficiency - Vit. E prevents the peroxidation of lipid cell membranes by free oxygen radicals since vit. E is an anti-oxidant. When deficient in vit. E, one sign is acanthocytes in the peripheral blood smear. When these spiny RBCs burst it causes a hemolytic anemia
    • Similarly, in abetalipoprotinemia, an autosomal recessive disorder of lipid absorption may manifest with acanthocytosis in part because vitamin E (a fat soluble vitamin) is also not being absorbed.
  • Orotic Aciduria - megaloblastic anemia unresponsive to folate or B12. A number of wordy enzymes may be deficient but the essential problem here is pyrimidine synthesis and so DNA synthesis is subsequently impaired.
    • This is very similar to B12 and folate deficiencies since in both of these cases, DNA synthesis is also impaired.

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