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Friday, April 27, 2007

Motivation is High Yield for the USMLE Step 1

Not that any med student goes into medicine for the money BUT if you happen to find yourself stuck inside studying for the boards all day, maybe feeling a little down, then this might cheer you up some.

Dr. X of ValueMD points out that a browse through Physician Salaries might just be the boost you need to go the extra mile.

Make sure to study the heart and anesthetics really well (you'll see what I mean)!

If you read this and immediately start day dreaming about the car you'll get or the kind of place you plan on living in then I want you to shut down your computer and open up a review book right this minute.

So stay motivated and keep your head in the game.


Amit said...

So true. Lately looking at salaries for anesthesiologists and radiologists has been motivating me so much.

Blaik said...

Ask a ninja is high yield for confidenece boosting for usmle step 1 too.

but you should know this ... as you love the ninja!

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Reynold said...

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