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Monday, April 2, 2007

Pharmacology Formulas are High Yield

For this I would point you to pg. 209 of First Aid 2007, there you would find all the formulas you will need.

If I was to ask you this,
"An extremely old medication used by African witch doctors for curing one's "voodoo" is being studied in NIH labs for a possible benificial effect in the treatment of beningin prostatic hyperplasia. The drug is initially studied on 2 rats with enlarged prostates (poor fellows), Rat A and Rat B.

I now, as the question writer proceed to write of bunch of BS and you'll want to read through this and tag it as such real fast on exam day

Rat A and B were born from the same mothers and both have lived in the same cage and blah blah blah
and (end BS)

It is calculated that
Rat A has a clearance time of 60 seconds where as rat B has a clearance time of one minute and 50 seconds.

Now I ask you this:

1) Given the same dose of the African drug, which of the following must be different.

2) If the 2 rats are found to have the same rate of elimination, which of the following explains the difference in clearance.

Answers to be posted after I receive at least one comment on this post.


dr said...

Dear Mike,
Whenever i hear or see such question honestly, i don't wanna read it or i say to myself it will be wastage of time if i go through this one.
While doing Nbme forms i realized question were not hard if you understand the concept and they are doable sometimes if not asked the rare stuff.So,i am trying to make myself calm and cool and getting ready to see such questions.
Well need your expertise regarding the subject.
Keep the good work.Thankyou.

pawan said...

keep guiding budyy .. where r u ..

Anonymous said...

1. volume of distribution?

2. plasma drug concentration?