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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2nd Messangers

bangledoc writes:

Thanks miky.It will hep greatly every one taking step 1.
could u write more about other 2nd messenger with application (as cGMP).As this are highly asked in exam.
Thanks again
I agree, 2nd messengers are very HY and therefore should be in any blog called HY for the USMLE

Lets start with this:

For the USMLE Step 1, it is more important to understand how each different 2nd messenger system works individually then to memorize if alpha 1 is a cAMP or cGMP or Gs or Gi. It happens to be cAMP and Gs.

I overlooked this point and placed greater emphasis on which receptor goes with which 2nd messenger system. The basic mnemonics in First Aid should suffice for the exam but there is a little more I would add, and since it is so late it will have to wait for tomorrow. (It involves the regulatory subunits of protein kinase A)

I also have a drawing to help you remember Gq, though I admit its corney!

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Anonymous said...

hi Mike
you have done great work.
where are you on second messengers